Wonder Woman (2017) Podcast - The Nuggets of Goodness Edition

If you don't mind swearing....and lots of it, please join us for a recap and discussion about all things Wonder Woman.

Post-show note: Holly here. In our Wonder Woman recap, we talk a lot about the importance of representation in film, and the importance of seeing yourself represented in a powerful way. We all had some concerns about Eugene Black Rock's character and the whole merry band of brothers. Namely that Black Rock's character is known as Chief and wasn't given a big enough role. Hollywood has set a really low bar when it comes to fully fleshed out representations of diverse - and especially native - characters in powerful roles. But what we missed - completely and utterly - what the ways that Eugene Black Rock had grounded his portrayal in real life, history, and language. He claimed that space, and we missed it. You can read more here:

Here's some links to things we talk about in the show.