The Handmaid's Tale Podcast - S3E13 "Mayday"

We can’t believe the season and our time in Gilead is over. Serena got her comeuppance, we finally see Emily, June becomes scarlet-clad Moses, and we had to navigate our way through a couple of plot holes tbh, but the important thing is that we did it all together. Thank you all so much for sharing this season with us. This podcast started as an excuse for us to laugh and talk with the people we love, and it became this amazing community of weirdos, feminists, and all around bad asses. This episode ran longer than normal because we had so much to say and SO MANY BALMS! So enjoy and Blessed Be Bitches!

Blessed Be The Fruit Salad is a casual part time pop-culture show. Every week we recap Hulu’s The Handmaids Tale and explore the dystopian world of Gilead with June, Serena, Aunt Lydia, and the whole crazy gang.

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