The Handmaid's Tale Podcast - S3E8 "Unfit"

SKIT ALERT: We have a Handmaid’s Tale skit people. In honor of the long awaited Aunt Lydia backstory Erin composed a skit for you. In this week’s Handmaid’s Tale recap we dance through Aunt Lydia’s backstory hang out with the Aunts of the Roundtable, and June / OfJoseph continues to be the biggest dumb Butt in Gilead. OfMatthew loses her mind, and we speculate on whether or not this show is a giant meta commentary of itself. If so, well played Hulu. Well played.

Skit music in this episode is from

Artificial.Music youtube channel:
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Music by LiQWYD:

Nozzlin - SkyBar 87

Everyday (Buddy Holly cover) by

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