Handmaid's Tale Podcast - S2E13 "The Word"

Our final podcast for season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale went a little off the rails, but that's what season finales are for, amirite? We obviously talk about episode 13 in the podcast, but let us use this info section to sincerely thank all of our listeners. Thanks for making this 2 star podcast your go-to for all things Handmaid's Tale. 

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Show Notes

We couldn't remember the name of the bakery that sells the poi mochi doughnuts, it's Liliha Bakery and you should go there if you ever find yourself on O'ahu. 

Balms of Gilead

Alt Latino music podcast on NPR is an amazing music and culture from Central and South America as well as the broader latinx diaspora. 

Libraries are beautiful, nurturing, and enriching spaces.

And YOU! Our amazing listeners and friends who have come on this crazy ride with us. 

Gender Traitor of the Week

Trump protestors in Great Britain  

Jasmine Garsd is an incredible reporter covering women's stories across the world. 

Lupe Valdez is an inspiring woman running for Governor of Texas. 


Blessed be, Bitches!