Handmaid's Tale Podcast - S2:E8 "Women's Work"

Episode 8 of The Handmaid's Tale was so fun to talk about. So many great story lines, beautiful shots, and symbolism, that it was hard to get Holly, Heather, and Erin to shut up. Mostly the ladies were relieved that this episode was much better than the last. Come for the Bible talk, stay for the bad rose jokes.  

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Show Notes

Balm of Gilead

Emergency Kittens on Twitter got Erin through the week. 
Ibn Ali Miller extends a hand to help teens fighting on the street. 
Get to know and be inspired by Rachel Carson. Defender of the earth, writer of words
(Bonus Balm from @offredtweets -Tiana Smalls speaks truth to power on a Greyhound bus.)

Gender Traitors

Senator Hirono - the only immigrant in the Senate - asks judicial nominees if they've ever been accused of sexual misconduct. 
Mariah Parker wins a seat as a Georgia county commissioner and is sworn in on a copy of Malcolm X's autobiography. 
The work of Rukmini Callimachi - the Isis correspondent for the NYT - is featured in an amazing podcast called Caliphate
(Bonus Gender Traitor from @EmilyBereiter - Dr Virginia Apgar: Saver of Babies.

Blessed be Bitches!

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