First Blog Post...Oh, and Sup Girl

Hey. Erin here. If you listen to our podcasts, you'll know that I'm the portly bossy one. Other things you should know about me.

  1. I was once voted Most Likely To Be Told - "Ah sir, ahh, I mean mam, errr, I mean sir?"  - at a Wal-Mart checkout.
  2. I once peed next to Sarah Palin.
  3. I have a friend who had her placenta eaten by wild dogs.
  4. And I currently live in Hawaii with my wife Holly.

One of these things is false. Which one?

Now that we have introductions out of the way, let's get to the point of our blog. We are currently podcasting season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale. The season starts on Hulu, April 25th. After the first episode airs, we will drop a blog post with our initial thoughts. We will record our pods on Sundays and then post them on Mondays. This is the timeline we would like to stick to, barring any North Korean missile attack brought on by our tweeting floppy sack of rancid farts President. After the fake missile attack in August, we learned our lesson here in Hawaii. Our toilet water is ready for drinkin' this time! 

No one knows yet how Hulu is going to release the series. For season 1, they dropped three episodes at once and then for the rest of the season, it was one episode every Wednesday.  Word on the street is, that they might drop two episodes on April 25th, and then release one episode a week after that. I also heard from my friend's mother's hair stylist's son's teacher's Life Coach, that Hulu might drop all the episodes at once. That would be nuts, and I hope that Hulu doesn't do that. Also, I know for a fact that that Life Coach had scabies once, so I ain't listening to a damn word he says.  

I think I speak for all the busy ladies when I say, I am super stoked for season 2.  What will happen to Offred? Will Waterford lose a hand for being all sinful? Will Serena continue to reign terror down on all who surround her? Will Aunt Lydia finally wear that fancy new pink hat she's been hiding in her closet ever since she bought it on sale at Loaves & Fishes? Will Moira reunite with Tasty? Will Rory get back together with Jess?  Can't wait!

What do you want to happen in season 2? Got any predictions? Send us your thoughts on Twitter or to our email.  

Blessed be, bitches.

Thanks for reading along. Subscribe to the podcast, and if you like what you hear give us a rating! Later y'all. 

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